Roger Shepherd

Lobby | Soho, New York City


588 Broadway
(between Houston & Prince Streets)
New York, New York 10012

Common Ground Development Corporation

Summer 1986

A developer wanted an unusual experience for one of two lobbies in a large Soho building under renovation. Given control over the entire lobby, I developed a scheme which skews the spaces in a dynamic way, seeming to alter the interior as the viewer moves through it. A monumental rust-red wall framed in copper-oxide green 'emerges' from the terrazzo floor and looms upwards 18 feet towards a vaulted ceiling. The wall, which appears to be free-standing, is angled towards the entering visitor in an otherwise straight corridor: contrariwise, the exiting visitor sees the wall at right angles to the street and the lobby appears askew. A large ultramarine blue square 'hovers' at the end of the corridor past the elevators—a reflection in a mirror placed high above a bright yellow exit door adjacent to the elevators. The elevator cabs are designed to extend the scheme to the twelfth floor.

20 ft (H) X 15 ft (W) X 45 ft (L)

Completed May 1987
[drastically altered under present owner]

Construction by Silver Edge Construction
Plaster Work by Art-In-Construction

Painting by the artist

Tinted plaster (fresco), tinted portland cement, terrazzo (floor), enameled steel (fire door), mirror, formica, and polished aluminum (elevator cabs).

The guard's desk (shown in the slides above) was executed in extruded aluminum, threaded brass rods, rubber bushings, marble, and ground glass.


Photography by Kathy Kelly



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